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Quantum Touch is a hands-on energy healing technique.

It is unique in both its speed and effectiveness, producing remarkable results.


Quantum Touch is a method of hands-on healing which uses very specific breathing techniques, body awareness exercises, and visualization to create a powerful, yet natural, field of healing energy. There is no physical manipulation in Quantum Touch. I simply place my hands on the area that needs healing and use Quantum Touch techniques to direct the energy into that area. This inspires the client’s healing process and creates a rapid healing response within their body. Only the lightest, most gentle touch is used.

Quantum Touch is a safe, natural way to enhance the body’s innate ability to heal and it shows no limits in what can be accomplished. It is recognized by Doctors in many countries.

Why does Quantum Touch work?

Your body has the unfathomable energy to heal itself - Quantum Touch helps this ability to maximize. You do not have to instruct your body how to heal a cut, a bruise or a broken bone; it already has the innate ability to do so. However, if your health is poor or your immune system is in some way compromised, then your body does not have the energy needed to heal itself from serious illness or injury. Quantum Touch simply provides a powerful field of natural healing energy, that your body entrains to and can draw upon to accelerate its healing.

A note about healing

Quantum Touch does not claim to treat or heal specific conditions. Ultimately if the body can, it will heal itself and Quantum Touch helps to accelerate that process.

About Quantum Touch session

Healing takes place in a pleasant and quiet environment. Depending on the area needing healing, the client may be asked to sit, stand or lie down on a massage bed, fully clothed. Quantum Touch (QT) can be very relaxing; during treatment, you can feel the warmth of the accompanying hands or tingling sensation or vibration. The client remains clothed at all times. Read more

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