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OSHO Meditations are scientifically designed techniques for the modern man,
so that one can easily achieve silence in meditation.

These meditations are a wonderful method of becoming more vital, alive and alert.


Come and learn new ways to be more relaxed, happy and peaceful.

JUMP!               SHAKE!               DANCE!               SIT!               LISTEN!

This preparation allows us to go into meditation easier and experience inner peace. OSHO Meditations help us to move from the head to our heart. And from the heart a great peace comes to us, a great silence and relaxation.

OSHO Meditations are accompanied by specific music created individually for each of the following types of OSHO Meditations. Each of the meditations takes one hour.

OSHO Dynamic Meditation
Is divided into five stages: chaotic breathing, catharsis, mantra, standing quietly, dance.

OSHO Kundalini Meditation
Has following four stages: shaking the whole body, dance, art of listening, lying down quietly.

OSHO Laughter Meditation
Has following three stages: sitting and laughing for no reason, sitting in silence, dancing.

OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation
It is divided into three stages: humming, giving and receiving energy from the Universe, sitting quietly.

OSHO Gibberish, OSHO Devavani Meditation, OSHO Vipassana Meditation, OSHO Mandala Meditation, OSHO Chakra Sounds Meditation, OSHO Laughting Drums.

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