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Heal Your Life® life coaching and study groups are based on
Louise L. Hay's philosophy.

You will learn to love yourself, to forgive, to change negative thoughts, to meditate, to use visualizations and affirmations.


Study groups help you discover your way of thinking, which is limiting you from your success in relationships, work, love, health, abundance, financial abundance, spiritual growth etc.

We meet every week in a safe and confidential environment for 3 hours, and each time we focus on different areas of life. Members of the study group are supported in the process of their positive changes. Maximum size of each group is 8 people.

The basic points of Louise L. Hay philosophy:

We are all responsible for all of our experiences. What we think about ourselves becomes true for us. Thoughts we think and words we speak are creating our experiences. We can change our thoughts. If we really love ourselves, everything in our life works.

In these groups you start to realize what kind of thoughts you choose to think, what kind of way you speak and how you choose to act in everyday situations.

You will learn new skills, which you can also practice from the comfort of your home on a daily basis and overcome limiting beliefs and to reach more fulfilled life. Read more


A Heal Your Life coaching is an individual session and for those people who want to make positive changes in their life or achieve their goals. It helps you to gain balance in body, mind, emotions and spirit and to create the life that you really want.

As a coach I listen, clarify, and guide you from an unbiased perspective. And because coaching is about action-oriented solutions, I support and help client to find their own way in life, their own way out of a particular situation.

In the first meeting you discover how I work and what coaching I can offer to you. When you have chosen your coaching, we arrange the date, time and if we meet in person or we do coaching via phone or Skype. If you decide to hire a coach for a specific issue (like build a new career) the process is designed to help you assess your entire life. Read more

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